1. How do I create a new abstract?

Go to the page called Abstracts. Click on the myIAFabstract button and start filling out the dedicated form. However, you must have the confirmation email of the pre-registration at Iasi Arrhythmia Forum 2021 at hand.


2. How do I edit a new abstract?

Once you have started completing the abstract submission form, the system will guide you through 5 steps for editing the abstract.


3. Can I submit the abstract multiple times?

No. The abstract must contain new and original information, which was not published elsewhere before April 4, 2021.


4. What language should I use to make the abstract?

All abstracts must be submitted in English, with corrections made according to the spelling used in British English.


5. How many affiliations can an author have?

Each author of an abstract can have a maximum of 2 affiliations mentioned.


6. How many abstracts can an author submit?

Each author can submit a maximum of 2 abstracts.


7. Is there a word / character limit for an abstract?

The content of an abstract cannot exceed 300 words, and its title will have a maximum of 200 characters.


8. Are there things I need to keep in mind when completing the abstract editing?

Yes. Make sure you click the "Submit" button to allow the abstract to reach us.


9. I sent the abstract, but I did not receive any confirmation. What to do?

Send an email to that effect to the address contact@iasi-arrhythmia.ro. You will receive an answer within 48 hours.


10. What happens if I send the abstract, but I did not register in advance (free registration for the 5 specialties mentioned until February 1, but with participation fee for these specialties after February 1, 2021)?

Your abstract submission will be invalidated and will be automatically deleted from our servers. The only way to validate the submission of the abstract is with prior registration.


11. What should I do after my abstract has been accepted?

First, you need to check the type of presentation, oral or poster, for which your abstract has been accepted, and then start making the presentation for the Congress. One of the co-authors must take part in the event to make the presentation. In case of problems in the possibility of following these instructions, an email to the organizers at contact@iasi-arrhythmia.ro must be transmitted to inform on these issues.


12. I chose the type of oral presentation, but was my abstract scheduled as a poster?

The Scientific Committee is the one that makes the final decision on how to present the abstracts. If you do not wish to present as a poster, please contact the organizers immediately at the email address contact@iasi-arrhythmia.ro to cancel the presentation.




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